Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Sunny Day in Quebec City

Stayed overnight in Quebec City and travelled by shuttle into Old Quebec City for a day of history and fun.

We started with a 2 hour walking tour with a very interesting tour guide who was a reporter.  He had great stories. We wandered along the street with stops for him to bring history alive.  We were this close to being Americans from all that I've learned.

Also wandered around Lower Quebec City.  Saw a beautiful some plagues and took the funicular back up to the Upper Quebec City.  At the statue of Champlain we sat and enjoyed watching some street performers.  The last performers were particularly good.  Twin Girls who were very funny.  The grande finale was two pink ballons being blown up and the girls both getting into their own balloon.  Cheryl has the video.

After the show was over we took a tour of Chateau Frontenac with a very sweet tour guide.  It was a young man who was easily distracted and laughed alot.  He made it fun.

After a great dinner Upper Quebec City we took the city bus home.  Good Day was had by all.  No pictures yet.  Need time to down load them.  It's been hard to get the time to write and I will try to add pictures asap.

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