Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trip from Toronto to Montreal Sept 14th and on to Ottawa Sept 15th

Well,  what a great flight on Air Canda (yes I said it) to Montreal. Our flight left at 11:45 from Toronto.  The flight had the best flight attendents ever.  When they were serving the beverages they started talking to my sister and ended up saying "Don't worry,  the wine is on us"  After talking to her again they found out we were on Vacation for my birthday trip.  They both shook my hand and then gave us all sort of great advice regarding where to go and what to do on our vacation.  When it came time to land one of the attendents lead Mom and me to a better seat to have a good view of the night time city.  They were wonderful and gave us a great first impression of La Belle Province.

We arrived at our hotel at 2am on Sept 15.  After a few hours sleeep and breakfast at the hotel we returned to the airport to pick up our car.  We were told that if we didn't want to wait there was a van available.  Otherwise we could wait for our car to be washed.  Well,  we felt it was our lucky day. A van suits us fine.  Cheryl and Mom have set up a nice comfy zone and Marie and I are in the front.

We arrived in Ottawa at about 12:30. Our hotel is great.  We have a bedroom and sitting room.  By 1 we were walking down to visit Capital Hill.  Very impressive.  Mom had booked a walking tour for 3:45 so we had a little walk around town.  Shopping was involved.

We met our Walking Tour Guide Craig at the Terry Fox Statue.  After that we went on a wonderful 3 hour walk all over town.  There were only 5 other people beside us.  Very small group.  Craig had so many great stories.  He had worked as a staffer with a Senator and had great information.

It is very interesting to see the places that are shown on the TV News.  While were were visiting Chateau Laurier we saw Peter Mckay walking thru to the bar.  What was interesting was to see the Prime Ministers Office.  There is a small door along Sparks street which the PM leaves his office from.  Very interesting how low key the town is.  We also saw the American Embassy.  It looked like it was in lock down mode.  Craig says they call in the Bunker.

Very glad to be Canadian..  Would love to visit here again.


  1. All Lori said was true but she did not explain quite clearly enough about the flight attendants and the about to land part....we WERE landing with the flight attendant belted in and the fasten your seatbelts sign on and getting close to the ground when they GRABBED my mom and sister out of their seats, trying to get them to first class to see better but it was full so they got them up past the wing and on the RIGHT sided (according to the flight attendant) to see the entire view of Montreal.

    It was HILARIOUS...and I think the pilot would have freaked.

  2. I love my "bucks du star" chai tea latte drink.....