Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sitting on the Ferry after flight from Montreal

Well we left the hotel at 3 am Victoria time..  It is now 4 pm Victoria time and I am on the ferry on my way home.

It was crazy getting to the airport this morning.  The traffic signs are almost non existent,  also the route we had planned out the night before was closed due to construction.  But Marie and Cheryl got us quickly and safely to airport.

At security there was a bit of a lineup.  As we were getting thru it there were more and more big guys joining the line up.  I mean big.  Two sizes taller than Mom.  Soon we realized it was the Montreal Allouttes on their way to Winnipeg for a game.  Then we went right to our gate and waiting.  Soon we boarded the small flight for Montreal.  It was a short wait in Montreal (Mom and Cheryl recognized another sport guy...someone from the Canucks) and then on our way.

We made it safe and sound to Vancouver.  Missy and Dad were waiting for us at the airport.  Missy was very happy to see everyone.  I think Dad was too.  Marie kindly drove me to the ferry and here I am writing on my blog.  The plane touched down just after 2 .. it took a few minutes to get our luggage and then a trip to the Ferry Terminal.  Lucky for me the ferry was late and I am on the 3 instead of the 5....  Soon to be home.


  1. Lori readddy
    Cheryl readddy
    Marie readdy
    Mom readdy

    Public readddy

  2. that was an inside joke....maybe Lori will elaborate sometime down the road.