Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thanks for the comments

Hello to my followers.  Thanks for the comments.

I am going to Quebec on Tuesday for a birthday extravaganza with my Mom, Sister and Bestest Friend....It the continuation of the YEAR OF FUN... That is one of my followers (not sure I like to use the word follower, I'll try and come up with a different term).  On New Years Eve, she declared it her year of fun, and lucky for me I've been included.

So, as to the question of will this be my travel blog.  YES it is...That is how I started to think of  writing a blog.  I considered just having a blog for Quebec but then thought I'll try to expand on that. So I will learn to add pictures and try and keep everyone (all three of you) up to date on the happenings on the trip.  Which two of you will already know because you'll be there.  Which puts a lot of pressure on you DC as the reader of my blog.

Thomas Cromwell was  a great great great uncle of Oliver. Thomas' sister is the direct descendant and her name was Williams (I believe) but Thomas took in his sisters' child Richard, after she died.. So Richard changed his name to Cromwell. The book was really good...I can lend it to you.

I gardened today and had fun.  Put some pansies into  the front flower bed.  I've got more work in the yard tomorrow.  I need to get quite a bit finished before this weekend is out.

Have a good day...

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  1. Year of we come. And it has been a year of fun already with going to cirque du soleil for me and the Lion King for all of us. This our one and only trip this year but keep your thinking cap on for June 2012...when I am officially old like my sister (sorry was that my outside voice)
    Hey DC....follow my blog too if you like.