Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Saturday Morning

Hi Everyone.  Well,  I've been reading a very good book.  It's called Wolf Hall.  It's a historical novel about Thomas Cromwell.  I've only got a chapter left to read so I'll be starting a new book sometime today.

Jesse is at school and Scott is building a fish stand for his new fish tank.  I'm sure the house will look ALOT different when I come home from my trip.  I see paint cans in the garden shed.  Hopefully I'll like the colours.


  1. ohhhhh noooooo not battle ship grey again I hope. Welcome to the blogging will be fun. Load some pictures too!

    Do you see the facebook share can link it right to your page...gets you lots of hits.

  2. WOW! Good for you! I hope this will translate into a travelog of Quebec!?!?!?!

    Remind me, Thomas is Oliver's dad? What did you think of the book?

  3. Day One for You! Hooray! Looking forward to hearing about the trip. (Sorry about my sneaky-guy photo - can't seem to upload a pic)....