Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ottawa - All Day

Hi.  Well it's been a very busy day again today.  We were on the hop on hop off bus at 10 am this morning after a nice breakfast at the hotel. 

Our first stop was the Museum of Civilization.  Very good Museum.  We walked through the Canada Hall and saw a lot of exhibits.  There were displays set up to reflect different time periods and parts of Canada.  One of the highlights was a tea house from the turn of the century.  There was a palour maid who gave us a tour of the house.  She also filled us in on all the upstairs gossip.The displays started with the Vikings coming ashore and continued on to explain the start of Canada through to upper and lower. The Museum was not busy so we had a good look at everything.  Another highlight was the old school house.  We were able to visit a one room school house which was a blast from the past.  There was an outhouse around back and Mom interrupted someone when she opened the door.  (Really it was just a recording that said "Hey" but it sure scared her)  Luckily for us Marie was taping it.  Anyone who wants a copy it'll be $5.00.. Believe me it's worth it.  Mom screamed.

After a few hours we returned to our bus for a tour along Sussex Drive and Embassies in town.  We also saw the Rideau Waterfall which was very interesting.  Lunch was at the By Way Market.  A place called Tuckers.  It was a very good all you can eat Buffet.  Which normally is not so good but this had a lot of good food.

We returned to the bus tour and were taken to the War Museum.

listening to a war vet explain about a Japanese bomb

What a place.  It was so interesting.  We walked through Canada's War History through the ages.  It was great to have Mom with us because she was able to talk about our family's involvement in different Wars.  My Great Grandfather fought for Canada in World War One.  She also told us about D-Day which her Dad was involved in. He was in the first wave to France.  After the war Mom and her brother and sister were able to re inact the feeling by going for a ride in one of the troop carrier boats.  We were able to also get that feeling at the Museum today.  By the time we'd finished the first floor it was after 7!!  We couldn't believe it.  The day flew.

Now we are in the hotel room having a glass of wine. Marie and I went to the market to get some cheese and goodies.  Time for bed.


  1. I sounds like you are all having a great time. I hope to visit Ottawa myself one day. One time when I was on an airplane I opened the door to the toilet and there was a noise but it was not a recording ....... it was someone using the toilet! Awkward! Enjoy!

  2. Sorry! I read this one after the Quebec City one! I enjoyed the War Museum very much also! And the Civilisation museum is amazing! The more I read of your adventures, the higher a re-trip to the region moves up my bucket list! Keep 'em coming!!!