Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Montreal - Liquid Sunshine and Chinese Lanterns

Another perfect day.  We started with a walking tour.  Very informative.  We went on a tour in Notre Dame.  Beautiful.  We went behind the scene into a chapel behind the main chapel.  It's the wedding chapel where 6 to 9 weddings a day are in the summer.  It costs about 2,000 to be wed there.  If you are Celine Dion and have 10,000 you can be married in the main chapel.  Both are beautiful.  Afterwards we were treated to a walking tour of Old Montreal.  Very informative and fun.  Only us four and four others.  But when the drizzle came the New Yorkers were wimps and left. But we went on and were rewarded with a wonderful insight into the city.

We walked thru the narrow streets of Old Montreal and were treated to stories of the lives that were lived here.  Afterwards we visited the Museum of Montreal.  What a treat for us.  The basement is a virual picture of the history of Montreal.  There are footings of old building and artifacts are shown. 

Afterwards we took the Metro to the Gardens near Olympic Park.  We walked around the grounds which were lovely.  However.  The real treasure was to come.  There was a special lantern festival.   Spectaular.  Had no idea what a surprise we were in for.  No food though.  Sorry Marie.  We were not able to have dinner until 9 pm.

Anyhow.......all is well.  Having a glass of wine in our room. Then a full day tomorrow and on our way home.  Trip of a life time with great company.  Lots of laughs... Ready Marie..Ready.. Ready Cheryl...Ready.. Ready Mama.. Ready..Ready Lori....Ready... Public Ready.......

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