Friday, September 17, 2010

Ottawa in the morning - Quebec City in the evening

Well,  we've had an eventful day.  We went to tour Parliament on the first tour of the day.  We went through the House of Commons, Senate and the Parliamentary Library.  Laurel was our guide and she was great.  We also took the elevator up to the top of the Peace Tower.  The view was spectacular.  Then we drove the long drive (about 6 hours) to Quebec City.

The good news is we made it.  The bad news is a Semi almost hit us.  Cheryl was driving and but for her quick action.....I hate to think what would have happened.  Mom and I were at the very back of the Van.  Cheryl driving and Marie the navigator.  A Semi Truck was coming right behind us and going too fast.  At the same time someone was trying to cut infront of us.  Cheryl quickly moved onto the shoulder.  The semi ended up trying to stop and moving into the left lane.  He ended up with his cab almost in front of us.  Very scary but we are all right.  Cheryl said it was all the Shrines to Mary we saw along the way that was watching out for us.

We arrived in Quebec City at around 7.  After checking in we went out for a great dinner.  Marie was our link to the French World.  The waitress spoke great English.   As does almost everyone here.  Everyone we talked to in Ottawa could speak in both languages..  And very well at that.  Seems like they speak great English here too.
this was a low cal desert....

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.   Walking tour of Quebec City and other delights.

P.S.  Sounds like you have having a great time Rich...Thanks for the great updates...

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  1. Very scary with the semi. Did you visit Ste. Anne de Beaupre? Don't know how much pull she has with traffic - more of a health restorer, I think but every bit helps. Thank God for Cheryl's level-headed reaction.

    Lucky you - the library! It was still being restored & therefore closed when I was there. Did you see any politicians (besides Peter McKay whilst barhopping)? How about the War Museum? Has Sheila danced on any tables or is that yet to come????

    Are you speaking any of your moth-balled francais? I would hate to think those 6 weeks at some obscure campus somewhere in the east are going to waste.....

    No pressure here ... but have you uploaded any photos? I don't see any but maybe I'm missing something. Don't eat poutine, it's gross.