Monday, September 20, 2010

Quebec City to Montreal - Did you know there are 2 Serigny Streets in Montreal?

Are unfortunatly for us we went to the wrong one. But we were able to find our way back to our Sandman on the right Rue de Serigny and all was resolved.  We left Quebec City this morning on our way to Montreal.  We stopped for breakfast at a road side restaurant.  It was good.

Then after we found our hotel there was a quick trip on the Metro to our Gray Hound Bus Tour.  Lucky for us we are right across the street from a Metro Station.  Near an University.  There are lots of Schools in Montreal. 

We arrived at our Bus Tour with 8 minutes to spare.  Then we went on a 3 hour tour of the city.  It was very informative and fun.  Afterward we went into the underground city for dinner.  And found our way home again on the Metro.  A funn Day tomorrow.  See you soon

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  1. Hope you get to the old town - great restaurants and atmosphere! The view from Mont Royal is great also. Etes-vous parlez-vousing beaucoup????

    Here's the best part - while you are galavanting around goodness-knows-ou, I spent 1 1/2 hours on strategic planning today with DE (can't tell-don't ask me) and look forward to Wednesday for a meeting with ML on pulsecheck. You should get down on your knees and thank your parents for your timely birth(day)!!!